DIY Hairpin Coffee Table - Less Than $60!

This simple DIY coffee table project will cost you less than $60 and can be easily applied to other table, desk & bench projects with ease!

When moving into our new apartment, we couldn't seem to find a coffee table that fit our style and budget. After coming up empty handed, we eventually decided we'd just put one together ourselves!

We were looking for something that complimented the mid-century and industrial style of our furniture, so we decided upon these black hairpin legs and walnut stained aspen tabletop.

You can personalize this DIY project to fit your exact style and space requirements. We bought the wood already cut to 2'x4' because we wanted a table that was large enough for activities but sensible enough for our small living space. We vied for a table about 2/3 the length of our 6' couch and 1/2 the length of our 8' rug.

You can either choose a piece of wood from the hardware store and stain it yourself, or pick up a piece of reclaimed lumber with a live edge for an even higher-end look. If you choose a softer wood, make sure to finish and seal it with polyurethane to avoid any overt dents or scratches.


  • Wooden tabletop of your choice

  • Metal hairpin leg kit (or tapered wood legs)

  • Power Drill

  • Sandpaper

  • Rags

  • Disposable Gloves

  • Choice of wood stain - we chose a walnut stain from Varathane

  • Choice of finish - we chose Minwax Fast-Dry Polyurethane Clear Satin Finish

Step 1

We bought a piece of aspen wood already cut to 2'x4' so there was no need for any cutting on our end. We sanded down the edges for a smooth finish and wiped down the wood with a damp wash cloth before applying the wood stain.

We chose light walnut for the stain and applied one layer by dipping a dry rag into the stain and rubbing evenly in the direction of the wood grain until the rag had little stain left. We then dipped back into the stain and repeated this process until the entire table had one coat.

After the initial coat was finished we returned and ensured the knots and creases in the wood had seamless color transitions with the rest of the table. It only took one layer to achieve the color we wanted, but if you would like it to be darker, keep applying even layers until your optimal color is reached. Always remember to practice caution when handling wood stains and seals; wear disposable gloves and make sure the area is well ventilated. We then waited for the table to dry completely before moving onto the next step.

Step 2

Here, we ensured that the stain was completely dry before attaching the legs. We measured and placed each leg where we wanted them on the table and marked the screw holes with a pencil. We then pre-drilled holes according to the size of the screws that came with our hair pin leg kit. Be careful not to drill all the way through the wood - aim for about only half way. We then lined up the legs and worked in the screws. We repeated these steps on all four corners and ensured that the spacing was equal on every side.

Step 3

Finally we sealed the table with a polyurethane finish using a paint brush. Make sure you use caution when sealing knots, craters, and sides of the wood so that you do not fill them with the seal! You want a seamless, even-layer coat across the entirety of the table.

Repeat the steps above to create other table, desk & bench projects with ease.

To maintain your table, we recommend using all-natural wood cleaners and conditioners. A simple mixture of olive oil & lemon juice will also do wonders!

AND THAT'S IT! Sit back and enjoy your brand new table, preferably over a cup or two of coffee for a proper celebration. Style it with a tray, some of your favorite books, candles and enjoy!

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